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CloudIA - Research program

General Info

Applied research program

Development and testing of Robotic and social services in the cloud to support vulnerable and non self-sufficient people in residential structures.



POR CREO 2014/2020, on 07/06/2017 with BURT n. 23 the D.D. n. 7165 of 24/5/2017 was published the Call 1 "Strategic research and development projects" of the REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM FESR 2014 - 2020 of the Tuscany Region.






Francesca Tosi (Scientific Responsible) - Department of Architecture DIDA - University of Florence​​


Laura Giraldi, Elisabetta Benelli, Alessandra Rinaldi, Mattia Pistolesi, Claudia Becchimanzi, Jacopo Montalto - Department of Architecture DIDA - University of Florence
Institute of BioRobotics, Sant'Anna 
Cooperatives: Uscita di Sicurezza, ARCA cooperativa sociale, C.RE.A cooperativa sociale, Pane&Rose, Gli Altri cooperativa sociale.
UNIFI: DIDA, Department of Architecture 
In collaboration with dID - Interior Technology District & Deisgn



General Objective 

The project involves the integration of commercial technologies, AAL and robotics solutions in Cloud aimed at developing a system of products - services to improve the quality of life and of work in RSA, RSD and in home care. The project is aimed at improving assistance to frail older people (non self-sufficient) and to disabled people - residential, semi-residential and home-based - through the creation of the Service Cloud Solution model. The products and services offered by the CloudIA system are based on the integration of consumer technology already on the market and robots specially developed in order to provide assistance services in the Cloud that are innovative and economically sustainable, characterized by a high level of modular and scalability. CloudIA will evaluate the possibility of creating modular systems composed of environmental and indomitable sensors, IoT devices and robotic systems to support home care or in RSA.​
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