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General Info


Design solutions for the historic center of Figline Valdarno.

Duration and venue

Design Campus, University of Florence, 14-22 May 2018

Scientific Coordination

Francesca Tosi, Isabella Patti - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA



Alessia Brischetto, Mattia Pistolesi, Ester Iacono, Claudia Becchimanzi - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA

In collaboration with

Municipality of Figline Valdarno


Gregor Andoni, Domenico Federico, Silvia Binci, Rebecca Fiaschi.
The workshop concerns the enhancement of the historic center of Figline Valdarno, a medium-sized town in the Florence district. The workshop, based on the scientific approach of Ergonomics for Design, uses methods and operative tools for defining the state of the art, identifying the critical issues and proposing innovative ideas. Through the HCD approach, the research objective was the improvement of urban Ergonomics in terms of fruition and organization of space, wayfinding and lighting. The evaluation phase made it possible to identify the current problems and identify needs and design solutions. These solutions have been developed considering users’s needs in relation to the historical context of Figline Valdarno.
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