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Architect, Full Professor in Industrial Design at Architecture Department (DIDA) of University of Florence. Vice-president of University Conference of Design (CUID) since 2014. President of Degree Course in Industrial Design since 2012. President of the Italian Society of Ergonomics and Human Factor (SIE) since 2010. Member of GL “General Principles” of “Ergonomics Commission” of the UNI (Ente Nazionale di Normazione). Mentor of the UNI 11377-2010 standard - “Industrial products usability”. 

Researcher in the fields of product design and interior design, ergonomics in design and Design for All, in particular applied in healthcare and home care sector. Author of several books, essays and papers. Speaker and coordinator for several national and international conferences in the same research fields. 

Scientific director and coordinator of several research programmes funded by MIUR, Italian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. 

Actually responsible of research project funded by European Union, Tuscany Region, public administrations and private companies.

Scientific Director



Alessia Brischetto is a designer and fixed-term researcher at University of Florence (UniFI). Following a Master's Degree in Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Florence in 2010,  she earned her PhD in Architecture, major in Design, in 2015. Since 2010 she has been working in the research group of Laboratory of Ergonomics and Design (LED) of DIDA - Department of Architecture (UniFi).  She is teaching Product Design and holds the Everyday Object course at Tongji University (since 2016). She has also taken part in several national and international research projects and collaborated with public administrations and important companies. To date, her research activity focuses mainly on the field of Ergonomics for Design, usability of industrial products and Design for All.





Architect, Industrial Design Specialist, Ph. D. in Design. Professor in Industrial Design at Architecture Department (DIDA) of University of Florence.  

Researcher in the fields of ergonomics, product usability, Human-Centred Design and Experience Driven Design applied at product and interior design. 

Author of several books, essays and papers. Speaker and listener at several international conferences. Scientific director and researcher for EU-funded, Regione Toscana, public and private companies research projects.

Innovation consultant (freelancer) for several national and international companies such as NEC Design, Piquadro, Brother Industries, Arditi, Ariete, BPT, De Longhi, Tonbo, Cima Lighting. 

Awarded designer of ADI Design Index, Prix Lumierè Paris, Toyama Design Competition, Kokuyo Design Award, Intel Design Award, Light of the Future.


Scientific Coordinator

Master’s Degree in Design at School of Architecture - University of Florence. Scholarship for Ph.D in Architecture, majoring in design (Cycle XXXI).

Researcher in the fields of ergonomics, usability, interaction, Human-Centred Design and medical design.

He collaborated as designer with architecture and design studios such as Architecture Studio Franco Panicucci Architect, Logos srl, Gumdesign.




Master's Degree in Design at School of Architecture at University of Florence. Scholarship for Ph.D. in Architecture, majoring in design (Cycle XXXIII).

Researcher in the fields of ergonomics for Design, Human-Centred Design, and Medical Design at Laboratory of Ergonomics&Design, Architecture Department (DIDA).

Tutor at Laboratory of Ergonomics for Design course of "Ergonomics and Design" and "Human-Centred Design/User Experience". She collaborated as a designer with professional studios of product design, graphics and communication design.

Ph.D. Student



Master’s Degree in Design at School of Architecture at University of Florence. Research Fellow at Architecture Department (DIDA) and Ph.D. student in Architecture, majoring in Design

(Cycle XXXIII). Researcher at laboratory of Ergonomics&Design (LED) in the fields of Human-Centred Design, Interaction design and wearable computers. Tutor at Ergonomics and design courses and lecturer of interaction design at Tongji University. Freelancer and consultant in the field of product, communication and graphic design. Registered journalist since 2016 and specialized columnist in architecture and design.



Ph.D. Student

Industrial designer, he gets the Industrial Design Diploma in 2010 and then he continued his studies at the University of Florence, achieving the Master's Degree in Design.

Fascinated by ergonomics studies, he focuses on the design of home appliances and human-machine interaction through an internship at the Style Office of Ariete (DèLonghi Appliances Group), and developing a thesis about the design of home appliances for breakfast.

Immediately after the Master Degree, he works in Whirlpool Company as an Intern Product Designer, at the European design department Global Consumer Design. At the same time he designed custom furnishings in collaboration with the architect Pasquale Montalto, and a wall lamp named Lancetta, produced and marketed by Febo Light. Later, his passion as a motorcyclist led him to work as an Industrial Designer at Barracuda Moto, working on the design of special components for naked and sporty motorcycles. In 2018 he wins the Research Grant for the CloudIA project, related to technological innovation and robotic applications, at the Laboratory of Ergonomics&Design of the Design Campus in Calenzano.



Research Grant

Architect and journalist, is active in the sector of Design and Communication developed with a focus on accessibility and usability for the User. 

She holds a Research Doctorate in Design and has also taught as an adjunct professor in the Industrial Design degree program offered by the Department of Architecture at the University of Florence from 2005 to 2014 as well as at the Department of Architecture at the University of Rome "La Sapienza" in 2012-2013.

As a journalist, she has contributed to "Il Sole 24 Ore" in its "Building and Territory" section's Projects and Competitions column (2007-2010) and performed editing activities for a number of magazines: “d’Architettura”and “Area” (published by Federico Motta Editore, 2003-2004), “AND”(Alinea, 2005-2006) and “Opere”(Pacini, from 2011-2014). She has also been on the juries as a Member and as President in a number of graphics competitions at the national level and has acted as thesis advisor to degree candidates in the sectors of Visual Design, Communication Design and Service Design. 

She has collaborated regularly with the LED (Laboratory of Ergonomics & Design, DiDA, University of Florence) since 2014 and in this context has participated in a number of research projects, in particular in the sector of utilization of the Cultural Heritage. Currently, she is a Research Fellow at this Laboratory.



Research Fellow

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