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GDO Ergonomics Guidelines - COOP

General Info

Ergonomics guidelines for the great organised distribution.
Promoted by the national commission on health and safety at work of the national association of cooperative consumer (ANCC).​



Francesco Saverio Violante - Full Professor of Occupational Medicine, University of Bologna


Roberta Bonfiglioli - Francesca Graziosi (University of Bologna)
Canzio Romano - Alessandro Baracco (University of Turin)
Pietro Apostoli - Emma Sala (University of Brescia)
Giorgio Miscetti (SPISAL ASL Perugia)
Alessia Brischetto - Francesca Tosi (University of Florence)
Francesco Draicchio (INAIL research Roma)


General Objective                                                                                                       
The implementation of the ergonomics principles at work organisation within the Great Organised Distribution is derived by the research of the musculoskeletal disorders prevention, frequent disorders today among workers employed in this sector.
The writing of a Guide Line (LG) on this issue was promoted by the National Commission on Health and Safety at Work of the National Association of Cooperatives Consumer (ANCC) which identified the need to develop a shared document, aware of the complexity of ergonomic aspects and the multiple approaches. 


Document Structure

In the first part, the document summarises the knowledge available by the scientific literature concerning musculoskeletal disorders in workers of Great Organised Distribution and the strategies for the prevention of these disorders and the resulting disabilities.
Other three sections compose the document. The first describes the general aspects of ergonomic principles relating to the execution of typical activities of GDO retails. The reader will find in this section information about the elements that can affect on the ability to perform manual activities involving the handling of loads, with specific reference to the work areas, the postural conditions and expression of the force that can optimize the working capacity.
An other section organized in tables, intended to illustrate in a more detailed way the different activities that take place within the GDO, the ergonomic potential risk factors and the possible measures to prevent and/or the identified improvement for the implementation of which the user can refer to what is stated in the previous section.
The last part of the document reports a list of ergonomic recommendations and related measures (organizational, procedural, adoption of aids, etc.) that should always be taken in view of the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders in the Great Organised Distribution sector.
All rights reserved.
The Material may not be reproduced or distributed, in whole or in part, without permission of ANCC.
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