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PASQUINI&BINI - Outdoor Furniture Design

General Info


Defining new design solutions for the urban furniture and outdoor spaces.

Duration and venue

Design Campus – Calenzano / 2 – 11 November 2016

Scientific Responsible

Francesca Tosi - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA


Alessandra Rinaldi - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA​


Workshop in collaboration with the company

Pasquini&Bini S.p.a.


Alessia Brischetto, Mattia Pistolesi -  University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA


Giuseppe Calamusa, Stefano Calza, Ernesto Gravante, Francesco Cantini ,Silvia Favero, Serena Gentile, Elena Grossi, Artenisa Kokomani ,Erika Lascialfari, Giuseppe Leone, Maria Luisa Malpelo, Francesca Morelli, Andrea Pellegrini, Lorenzo Pelosini ,Mario piramide, Elia Pizzoni, Alessia Turdo, Giovanni Russo ,Valentina Salvia, David Sergio, Yuri Sperduto.
The workshop had the aim to identify new product concepts for the outdoor furniture industry. Nowadays this manufacturing is open to international markets and a wide range of contexts and development opportunities. 
Since several years the company Nuova Pasquini & Bini is moving forward in the direction of innovative products, techniques and materials with a constant success on the market. 
The challenge of the workshop was to identify highly innovative design solutions in terms of style and product image as well as in terms of technological and material innovations. The youth involved designers were left fully free to take advantage of their creative talent. 
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