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NEW CHEST - Innovation for the chest freezer sector

General Info


Innovative concepts for the chest freezer sector.​

Scientific Coordination

Giuseppe Lotti, Vincenzo Legnante, Francesca Tosi - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA​


Alessia Brischetto, Irene Bruni, Daniele Busciantella Ricci, Daniela Ciampoli, Marco Mancini, Marco Marseglia - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA



Irene Fiesoli, Alessandro Betti, Carlo Falcioni, Silvia Cappellini, Christian Leone, Andressa Rodrigues da Cruz, Luca Leonelli, Maria Antonietta Polizzi, Chiara Coscia, Giada Campelli, Rebecca Rossi, Antonio Carretta, Kequing Xu, Lorenzo Melani, Pu Linxing, Simone Onorato, Vincenzo Pace, Alfredo Panebianco
The workshop aimed to define innovative concepts for the chest freezer sector, with particular attention to ergonomics and usability aspects of the product, to reduce environmental impact, to find technological and aesthetic innovation.
The workshop was a research phase of the HighChest project and involved 18 students of the Master’s Degree in Design. They worked intensively for a week and starting from the results of the main research carried out by the interdisciplinary team and the brief prepared by the company. The workshop presented by the HighChest project leader Alessandro Aronica, was followed by professors and researchers of the Department of Architecture (DIDA). The company technical group selected three concepts based on the principles of: technical feasibility and cost; green behavior; Innovation design (integration with other devices also).
Students whose projects were selected: Alessandro Betti, Irene Fiesoli, Lorenzo Melani. 
Interesting part for each selected concepts: style innovation, customization, interface.
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