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SMART RUNNING 2 - Outdoor workout experiences

General Info


Defining scenarios and concepts of products and systems for the outdoor workout experiences.

Duration and venue

University of Florence - Department of Architecture DiDA - Laboratory of Ergonomics & Design (LED) / 2016

Scientific Responsible

Francesca Tosi - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA


Alessandra Rinaldi - University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA


Workshop in collaboration with

Technogym Research Center (Eng. Giuseppe Fedele, Eng. Francesco Calcaterra)


Daniele Busciantella Ricci, Mattia Pistolesi -  University of Florence - Department of Architecture DIDA


Lo Turco Rosario, Angelo Iannotta, Wang Haoyu, Gabbatore Stefano, Cristina De Alfieri, Wu Fang Yuan, Niccolò Mazzoni, Alessio Tanzini, Matilde Muscatello, Le Diem Huong, Vu Tuong Quyen, Gianluigi Cantanamessa, Mariana Motta, Ester Nerini, Carolina Oliveira, Pu Ling Xing, Valentina Zamorano, Eleonora Didio, Rachele Nencioni, Wang Xiang, Ji Lu, Liu Xu, Martino Nicola, Monica Moggia, Soheil Ehsani, Maria Borrego, Armando Moreno

The “Smart Running” workshop was organised in collaboration with the company Technogym. The aim was to define scenarios and concept of product and systems for the outdoor workout activities experiences. 

A group of 25 students of the Master’s Degree program in Design were involved and they intensively worked with a Technogym team of designers and engineers for four days in two weeks. The design proposals were evaluated and prized by the company.

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